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David Helbock - Solopiano

David Helbock - Piano

Recent CD: “Playing John Williams” on ACT Music (August 2019)

older CDs:

The CD "Purple" was released in 2012 on Traumton Berlin
The CD "Time" was released in 2007 on YVP Music Ulm
The CD "Emotions" was released in 2003 on Gramola Vienna

"A storyteller at the piano…"

3Sat Kulturzeit (DE/AT/CH)

The new program „Playing John Williams“ is his 4th solopiano album after the releases „Emotions“ (2003), „Time" (2007) und „Purple“ (2012).
Since 2016 David Helbock is an exclusive artist with the well-known, german jazz label ACT-Music with whom he released already two albums - „Into the Mystic“ (2016) and „Tour d´Horizon“ (2018).
This third CD on ACT now is a solopiano album which is released end of august 2019.

On this album David Helbock deals with the music of John Williams, one of the most famous film music composers of all time, who wrote nearly all the music to Steven Spielberg´s Blockbusters.
David Helbock connects seamlessly to two of his projects in the past.
On the CD „Purple“ (Traumton - 2012) the pianist dealt with compositions of the famous popartist Prince and already back then transfered and reduced Pop Culture into his unique and creative solopiano language and on the CD „Into the Mystic“ (ACT - 2016) David Helbock, who was awarded the most important prize of Austria - the „Outstanding Artist Award“ in 2011, dealt with mystical stories from different mythologies together with his trio with bassukulele and drums.
Already back then the trio touched the music of John Williams and played an arrangement of the film music of Star Wars - a film full of cross connections between different mythological elements.

Film music from blockbusters like „Indiana Jones“, „Harry Potter“ to „Jaws“ or „Schindler´s List“ are reduced to their essence and shine like new in unique, creative and jazzy solopiano arrangements.

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David Helbock´s Random/Control

David Helbock - p, elec, perc
Johannes Bär - trp, flgh, sousaph, tub, alph, beatbox, didg, elec, perc
Andreas Broger - sax, cl, basscl, fl, perc

Die CD "Tour d´Horizon" will be released end of May 2018 on ACT Music


"David Helbock is a musician to watch. [...] An impeccable pianist with a clear, crisp touch"

Jazzwise (GB)

More infos here - ACT-Music

More than 20 instruments on stage, but just three musicians: David Helbock, Outstanding Artist Award Winner in Austria, mainly plays on instruments with keys. Johannes Bär does all the brass, from trumpet to bassflügelhorn and tuba and Andreas Broger plays wind-instruments like saxophones, clarinets and flutes.

For their new program, which will be released as a CD on the renowned Label ACT Music, David Helbock got inspired by his favorite jazzpianoplayers and arranged their most famous tunes for this special line-up. So new, exciting versions of Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock or Bolivia by Cedar Walton emerged - but also soft, atmospheric pieces like Keith Jarrett´s My Song shine like new.

Over the years „Random/Control“ has developed a really distinct bandsound. Always different raw material - Austrian folkmusic, original compositions (in 2009 David Helbock had a big compositional project, where he wrote one piece every day for a whole year) and now these „Pianoplayer´s Hits", the band always sounds like „Random/Control“ - a ride on the rollercoaster for the ear and the eye. 
Or like Roland Spiegel from the bavarian radio wrote already years ago: 

"I think this musician with his „pianocap“ is one of the most exciting players of the young european jazz scene. The listener experiences something new when David Helbock plays. And it ́s never „top-heavy“ music – it ́s music that thrills the body and the mind"

Roland Spiegel - BR


David Helbock Trio

David Helbock - Piano
Raphael Preuschl - Bassukulele
Reinhold Schmölzer - Drums

“Exciting and full of surprises and delights.” - Les Inrocks (FR)


The CD "Into The Mystic" was release in August 2016 on ACT Music 

The CD "Aural Colors" was released in January 2015 on Traumton Berlin 

“Accomplished, melodic playing” -  The London Times (GB)

Get more Infos about the Trio and the CD HERE.



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David Helbock - Solopiano

CD "Playing John Williams" on ACT 2019

David Helbock´s Random/Control

CD "Tour d´Horizon" on ACT 2018

with Michael Mantler

CD "Comment Cést" on ECM 2016

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David Helbock - Solo

CD "Happiness" Selfreleased in 1998