David Helbock Trio

David Helbock - Piano
Raphael Preuschl - Bassukulele
Reinhold Schmölzer - Drums

The CD "Into the Mystic" will be released End of August 2016 on ACT Music


"...The David Helbock Trio is full of tricks...But this isn´t really a gimmicky show. In fact, when Helbock shifts from frantic virtuosity to lyrical expansiveness the true mettle of his technique and musicality can be seen..."

David Washington - InDaily Australia

The current trio of the pianist, who was awarded austrian „Outstanding Artist Award“ shows unconventional and humorous facets: 

Raphael Preuschl is not plucking a double bass, but a bass ukulele. Reinhold Schmölzer plays his drums accordingly dynamical, sometimes almost eruptive. In lyrical passages highly sensitive, in fast moments with pronounced energy and heavy beats.

The new program, which will be presented today and will be released in the fall as a CD on one of the most renowned Jazzlabels - ACT Music - dives into a mystic world.

David Helbock was inspired to write compositions by stories of different cultures and their mythology. In this way some very driving pieces, along with the spirit of our time but also many quiet, mystical moments, emerged


„...David Helbock is equally capable of negotiating elaborate figures at speed, holding down a groove and whacking some dissonance out of his instrument. He can play a fast calypso, hint at gospel, swing some Schönberg, get lush enough for cocktail hour and peck out dance rhythms with a prepared instrument. And his rhythm section is with him every step of the way, amping up the velocity and cramming in a few extra notes and flourishes whenever they get the chance...“
Downbeat Magazin

The CD "Into the Mystic" will be released End of August 2016 on ACT Music

The CD "Aural Colors" was released End of January 2015 on Traumton Berlin.


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David Helbock´s Random/Control

David Helbock - Piano, Insidep, Toyp, Melodica, Perc., Toys, Elec. 
Johannes Bär - Trp., Flg., Piccolotrp., Euphonium, Tuba, Sousaphon, Alphorn, Didg., Beatbox, Perc., Electr. 
Andreas Broger - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Basscl., Flute, Slidetrumpet, Percussion

The CD "Random/Control" was released in 2010 on Traumton Berlin
The CD "Think of Two" was released in 2014 on Traumton Berlin

"„If we would be a Jazzfestival-Organizer here, we would scramble to get this act!"

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David Helbock Solopiano

David Helbock - Piano

The CD "Emotions" was released in 2003 on Gramola Vienna
The CD "Time" was released in 2007 on YVP Music Ulm
The CD "Purple" was released in 2012 on Traumton Berlin

"...David Helbock proofs again that he has no sort of touch fears. His wide view and his technical, especially his rhythmically sovereignty let us expect a lot for the future..."
Andreas Felber - Standard

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David Helbock - Solopiano
CD "Emotions" on Gramola in 2003